Classic 860 Series

Venchal Scientific 860 series Ultra Low Deep Freezers are idle choice for effective sample storage.

  • High Precision Microprocessor Temperature Controller
  • Targeted & Fast Refrigeration
  • Energy-saving & Environmentally Friendly
  • 2" LED Digital Display
  • VIP Plus Vacuum Insulation
  • Alarm & Security System

Classic 860 Series

Venchal Scientific 860 series Ultra Low Deep Freezers are idle choice for effective sample storage.

  • High Precision Microprocessor Temperature Controller
  • Targeted & Fast Refrigeration
  • Energy-saving & Environmentally Friendly
  • 2" LED Digital Display
  • VIP Plus Vacuum Insulation
  • Alarm & Security System



Ultra Low Deep Freezer is specially designed to meet the demands for long-term and safe storage of the high-valued medical and laboratory materials. The 860 Series is cost effective Ultra Low Deep Freezer is equipped with high precision Microprocessor temperature controller comes with 2 inches LED Digital display, giving you more user-friendly and convenient interface ensure the integrity of the samples through precise temperature control can set the temperature uniformity inside the cabinet with a adjustable range from -40°C to -86°C with an uniform accuracy of ±1°C. Each cabinet comes with individual inner doors can be opened independently. The optimized foaming insulation inside the doors provides better temperature performance. The targeted refrigeration of the deep freezer enables fast refrigeration. It is designed in human-oriented with energy  saving and environmentally friendly.

Application :

The ultra low temperature freezer is suitable for use in Blood Banks, Hospitals, Health and Disease Prevention Systems, Research Institutions, Colleges & Universities, Electronic Industry, Biological Engineering, Laboratories in Colleges & Universities, Military Enterprises, Deep Sea Fishing Companies, etc,.



High Precision Temperature Control System : 
  • The High Precision Microprocessor temperature control system and platinum resistor temperature sensors can realize more precise temperature control and enable users to set temperature inside the cabinet with a controllable range from -40°C to -86°C ensure the controlling precision ±1°C.
  • The Large & Bright 2" LED digital temperature display, user-friendly interface and more accurate temperature control, which can indicate operating status clearly, temperature display simultaneously display the chamber temperature, Power Supply, Voltage, Ambient Temperature, Alarm and other parameters, etc,. The running status is clearly displayed and can be seen from distance.
Security  & Alarm System :
  • It has a Multiple Audible & Visible Alarm functions, such as High / Low Temperature Alarm, Sensor Failure Alarm, Door Ajar Alarm, High Ambient Temperature Alarm, System Failure Alarm, Power Failure Alarm, Low Battery Alarm, Communication Failure Alarm, Samples out of date notification, Condenser cooling failure, etc,. 
  • USB data storage function: can store relevant operating data, which can be downloaded and checked, ensuring improved security and reliability of sample storage.
  • The turn-on delay and stopping interval protection can ensure reliable operation.
  • The Lockable door, Keyboard Lock and Password protection prevents any unauthorized access and operation without permission.
Effective Thermal Insulation System :
  • The Ultra Low temperature freezer is equipped with VIP+ vacuum insulation foaming door with seal. The two layer insulated foam door with double seal and the outdoor insulation design with multiple patents can prevent loss of cooling effectively and to improve temperature stability.
  • The six sides of the cabinet are made from high-performance vacuum insulation materials, which can perfectly improve the thermal insulation performance.
  • Individual inner door can be opened independently to minimize frost buildup and prevent loss of cooling inside the chamber. 
Powerful Refrigeration System :
  • Ultra Low deep freezer is adopted high-efficiency hermetically sealed compressor and famous EMB fan, which are energy saving and environmentally friendly. 
  • CFC / HCFC / HFC Free refrigerants
  • The large finned condenser with a space between fins ≤ 2mm provides effective heat dissipation.
  • Specialized refrigeration system design using whisper quiet fan and compressor ≤ 55dB  
Ergonomic Design :
  • The interior are made of SS304 and Exterior is painted steel board low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion for long Service life and easy cleaning.
  • The door with new type assisting rotating door handle and vacuum release port let the freezer be operated singlehanded to open and close the door easily.
  • The two door design including the inner door and outer door can lock the cool air inside the chamber and ensures thermal insulation double silicon gasket seal for a long period. 
  • Equipped with temperature printer, record 7days data. 72 hour battery back up for printer and controller display.
  • 4 Universal Caster wheels, easy for movement.
  • Optional : Chart Recorder, Printer, Rs485, RS232, Co2 Backup System, Storage Racks & Boxes, Remote Alarm system.



Model No.


Technical Data

Cabinet Type


Capacity (L)


Climate Class


Cooling Type

Direct cooling

Defrost Mode



High Effiency Danfoss Compressor 1no


CFC / HCFC / HFC - Free refrigerant


Coil Evaporator

Fan Motor



≤ 55


Cooling Performance (°C)


Temperature Range (°C)

-40°C ~ -86°C

Ambient Temperature (°C)

16°C ~ 32°C



Microprocessor Temperature Controller


2" Digital LED Display


USB Interface


Access Test Port

1 no’s f25mm


Audible & Visible : High / Low Temperature, Sensor Failure, Door Ajar, System Failure, Main Board Communication Failure, High Ambient Temperature, Condenser Cooling Failure,

Low Battery, Power Failure, Built in data logger USB Failure, Samples out of date, etc,.



High Quality Steel Plates with Powder Coating


304 grade Stainless Steel

External Door


Inner Door

4 Individual Inner Doors


3 shelf made of SS304,  4 Cabinet

Door Lock with Keys


Vacuum Release Port


Insulation Thickness

VIP Plus vacuum insulation110 mm

Data Logging/Time/Quantity

USB/Record every 10 minute / 2 Years

Battery backup



4 units of Universal Caster wheels


2 Leveling Foot

Electrical Data

Power Supply (V/Hz)

220 V ~ 240 V / 50Hz

Input Power (W)


Rated Current (A)



Internal Dimension (WxDxH)

470x578x1250 mm

External Dimension (WxDxH)

755x895x1982 mm

Packing Dimension (WxDxH)

1003x895x2186 mm

Net Wt. / Gross Wt.

208 kgs / 227 kgs



Chart Recorder, CO2 Backup System, LN2 Backup System, Remote Alarm System, RS485, RS232, Printer



CE, ISO9001 :2015