E-Pro RO

ASTM Type II high purified water system
Clinical laboratory reagent water (CLSI)

E-Pro RO

ASTM Type II high purified water system
Clinical laboratory reagent water (CLSI)



Radio Frequency Identification Chip

Built in Radio Frequency Identification chip in each cartridge to detect the installation date and service life, only same brand cartridge can be recognized

Two Stage RO Module

Electrodeionization (EDI) system

PE Reservoir

Water Flow Sequence:

In the E Pro Series water purification sequence, potable tap water is first treated with a Pretreatment module, and then purified by reverse osmosis (RO) to produce RO Type II water. This water enters the inbuilt electrodeionization (EDI) module, where ion-exchange resins are continuously regenerated by a small electrical field and results in consistently high-quality pure water with no need for  external chemical regeneration of the resin beads and water is stored in single Moulded Polypropylene Reservoir, a 254 nm UV lamp, works 10 minutes every 5 hours to prevent growth of bacteria.

Pretreatment module:

Three water ports

Pretreatment module is device to pre filter tap water before it goes to main system. Depends on the quality of inlet water, service life can reach 2-3 years. 
In the back of module are three ports: water inlet, filtered water outlet and waste water outlet.
When working, the waste water outlet port will be closed. Inlet water will pass through the ultrafiltration membrane and out from filtered water outlet. When washing program running, a solenoid valve will turn on, water will go through the cartridge by pass filtered water outlet, flush the impurity on the surface of membrane, the dirty water directly discharges from the waste water outlet.
Pre filter with high purity Polypropylene catridge with micron rating 1/2/5 density graded wrapped filter with Voltage of 20 Watts DC Pump.


Ultrafiltration cartridge
10 nanometers pore size ultrafiltration membrane to remove completely colloids, particles, free chlorine and minerals.
Timer and Solenoid valve
The timer controls solenoid valve, can set washing times, factory default setting is once a day at 6 am for 10 minutes, or the system can be customized accordingly up to 15 times per day, every time 10 minutes.
Stage II
RO Module stage membrane with thin flux layer of mol. wt cut off of RO membrane is 200 dalton to meet Type II analytical water system.

Every morning, at 6 o'clock will start automatically a 10 minutes washing program to make sure the water quality for your daily use. All waste water will be discharged, each time no more than 20L, but there is no need to worry about the waste. Considering the ratio of waste water of whole system is less than most brands, the waste water in RO module is 25% compared with 50% of others, while 75% water will be recycled, on the other hand, waste water in EDI Module just only 25%, so, the whole purification system, you will have 55% purified water, meanwhile, the lifetime of cartridges and EDI module inside of the main machine will be extended.

Total inlet: 100L per day
E Pro purified water (100-20)*75%*75% = 45L Others:
Purified water 100 * 50% * 50%=25L
Feed water requirements
The quality of feed water will affect directly the quality of purified water and service life of equipment, if the tap water contains a high rate of hardness that do not meet the requirements, please use salty box to remove calcium ions and magnesium ion in advance.
System compatible with feed water quality of silt density index (SDI) levels upto 12 to 14 and total chlorine level of 3 ppm




Two-stage RO module

Depends on feed water quality, our two-stage RO module service life can reach 2-3 years, and the conductivity of RO water will less than 5pS/cm which can protect the running of
EDI module and prolong his service life. Ratio of waste water is only 25% with recycle technology.
RO membrane with conductivity cells pre and after function with 90-99% rejection of inorganic ions 99% rejection of pyrogens, Bacteria and dissolved organic materials.
Ratio of waste water is only 25% with recycle technology when compared to most brand systems with high recovery and reduce the wastage of feed water to drain and rejection of 99% inorganic and dissolved organic material.

Electrodeionization (EDI) system

EDI Module with several cells separated by permeable membrane, each cell contains mixed bed resins with carbon beads that attracts both positive and negative ions from the water Ion exchange and avoids scaling and regeneration resins uses electricity.

Water circulation before collecting

When collect type II water, the water in water tank flows back to the host, passing through circulation pump and dual wavelength ultraviolet lamp (254 and 185 nm) then outlet from the dispenser.
When collect type I water, the water in water tank flows back to the host, passing through circulation pump, dual wavelength ultraviolet lamp and ultra purification cartridge then outlet from the dispenser. Meanwhile, a little bit of type I water will be divided to TOC analyzer module to evaluate the purity.

TOC analyzer

Total organic carbon (TOC) data will be shown on the display screen, evaluated by a built-in real on-line TOC analyzer module. TOC level of type I water is always less than 5ppb(pg/L).

Dual wavelength UV lamp

Single Moulded Polypropylene Reservoir Available in 30/60/100 liters PE water tank

254nm UV lamp, works 10 minutes every 5 hours to prevent growth of bacteria. 
0.2μm inlet air vent filter to prevent air pollution and allows clean air.
Filter consists of active carbon with 0.22 micron hydrophobic membrane with UV lamp for automatic sanitization facility,
Pressure sensor to indicate the amount of water. Stepless water level adjustment on touch screen

Automatic wake-up program for RO and EDI
When the purification system rests more than 24 hours, a wake-up program will start automatically to produce purified water in order to make sure the purification quality for your daily use.

How to collect purified water?

To collect Type II water by using water valve directly from the water tank

Collect Type II and Type I water by using dispenser arms:dispense water by clicking the button to activate, by rotating the button to control the flow rate upto 2L/min, to stop dispensing by clicking the button again.

Quantitative water dispense. Click the flask icon, enter the amount in milliliters, save and press 'dispenser' to collect water, the collecting can be terminated by clicking "cancel”

Foot pedal frees your hands, flow rate upto 2L/minutes need be setted in advance by rotating the button of dispenser arm (Standard)

Remote dispenser arms

Two remote dispenser arms, one for Type II high purified water and one for Type I ultra purified water. Mounted with TFT touch sc-reen for setting, operating and monitoring. The arm equipped with a point-of-use filter can move up and down, and it also can be rotated 360 degrees.

Universal salt softener all laboratory use models

Data record & WIFI service

How to download data?

Built in using USB port to download the current data and historical data by connecting your USB drive

Wifi function
Our Wifi function offers real-time remote monitoring service, in the settings menu, select wifi mode or 4G mode. After connecting, users can check the running status of .system at any time.


  • Integrated water dispenser arm
  • EDI self-developed 
  • U-cloud platform for remote monitoring (Wifi module) 
  • USB access port for data logging



Main Configurations :

Main Configurations

Type II Water

E Pro RO10 E Pro RO15

E Pro RO20

Pretreatment Moudle YES
Main Host YES
Pre guard Catridge A YES
Pre guard Catridge B YES
Pre-purification Catridge A NO
Pre-purification Catridge B NO
Two-stage Reverse osmosis YES
EDI module self developed YES
60L water tank stepless water level sensor YES
254nm UV light of water tank YES
inlet air filter of water tank 0.2 μm YES
Water leakage protection sensor YES
Dual wavelength (254nm & 185nm) UV-lamp NO
TOC Monitoring NO
Ultra Purification Catridge A NO
One integrated Type I Water Dispenser Arm  YES
1M Water Piping from main unit to Water Dispenser Arm  YES
0.2 μm end filter YES


Technical Specifications:


Type II Water
E Pro RO 10 E Pro RO 15

E Pro RO 20

Feed water Requirements


Potable tap water





Total Chlorine level



<450ppm as CaCO3


0.1~0.4Mpa (7-72psi)





Type II high purified Water

Resistivity at 25°C**

15MΩ.cm; typically10-15MΩ.cm

Conductivity at 25°C**

0.067μS/cm; typically 0.1μS/cm



Particulates with size > 0.22μm***

No particles

Endotoxin (Pyrogens)***



<0.01cfu/mL (<10cfu/L)







RO rejection


EDI ion rejection


Production flow rate

10L/H 15L/H 20L/H 10L/H 15L/H


Manual control water flow rate

Maximum 2L/min, stepless control of flow rate

Temp. Compensation

± 0.1°C ( at any temperature changes)

Noise Level

≤ 45 dB

Electrical requirement

Electrical voltage

220V ±10%

Electrical frequency




Size Information

Net Weight

Pre-treatment module

8.5 kg

Main host with dispenser arm







30L Water tank


60L Water tank


100L Water tank


External Dimension (WxDxH)

Pre-treatment module

270x280x566 (mm)

Main host

328×540×600 (mm)

Integrated dispenser arm

42×85.5×231.5 (mm)

30L Water tank

390x390x690 (mm)

60L Water tank

390x390x930 (mm)

100L Water tank

390x390x1235 (mm)

Packing Information

Gross Weight

Pre-treatment module


Main host with dispenser arm







30L Water tank


60L Water tank


100L Water tank


Packing Dimension (WxDxH)

Pre-treatment module

350x360x670 (mm)

Main host with dispenser arm

510x670x800 (mm)

30L Water tank

520x520x780 (mm)

60L Water tank

520x520x1020 (mm)

100L Water tank

520x520x1325 (mm)

*If the tap water contains a high rate of calcium ions and magnesium ion which do not meet the requirement, please use salty box to remove part of calcium ions and magnesium ion in advance
**Resistivity typically 10-15MΩ.cm at 25°C, Conductivity typically 0.1μS/cm, at 25°C
***Feed water quality shoud meet above requirements and purified water through the remote water dispenser with end 0.22μm